Top 40 new names for 2015

Updated January 29, 2020 18:00:10The list of new names to be announced at the 2020 Paralympics is a long one.

The most exciting names to feature in the Paralympic Games, but there are still plenty of names to get excited about.

The list includes the first female Paralympian to represent a nation, the world’s first-ever female swimmer, and the first-time female Paralymics champion, and it also includes the only woman to compete in a Paralympical event and the only Paralympist to win a medal in a sports event.

The new names were announced by Paralympians Australia’s Sarah Hahn, Australia’s Sophie Coates, Australia and the United States’ Michael Johnson, Great Britain’s Emma Smith, Great China’s Wang Tian, France’s Elinor Ochoa, France and Japan’s Ryohei Yoshida, the United Kingdom’s Ellie Sager, the Netherlands’ Kristine Vossen, Norway’s Aja Hjelmsdottir and the USA’s Sarah Payne.

The new name list is a massive leap forward for the Paralyms, which has traditionally been dominated by the likes of the World Cup champion, world record holder and Olympic gold medallist.

It has taken more than 20 years for the games to feature the women’s team. 

“I think that we’ve now really opened the floodgates and now we’re able to see the women of this country,” Paralympia founder and CEO Dr Joanna Harrison said.

“There’s a lot of work to be done, there’s a huge number of names that we’re going to be announcing, but we’re also looking at the potential for these athletes and I think that is very exciting.”AAP/ABC