Why Trump is wrong on climate change

President Donald Trump says the Paris climate agreement is a “disaster” for the U.S. economy, but he could face more severe economic consequences if the agreement is not renegotiated.

| Getty Trump says climate deal ‘disaster’ for U.N. ‘You cannot go back on the Paris agreement,’ he says in speech.

Read moreAt a news conference on Friday, Trump said the agreement “will be terminated” if the U,S., fails to do more to reduce carbon emissions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump’s comments echo what the president has been saying since the U-N.

climate conference in the French capital in September.

He said the U of N conference was an attempt to get rid of the U.,S.

from the accord, and the Paris deal is a terrible thing.

“I am very disappointed in Paris.

I thought the Paris conference was a disaster.

I think the Paris accord is a disaster,” Trump said during a news briefing at the White House.

“It’s been an absolute disaster.

It’s been a disaster for our country.”

The Paris agreement, signed in December 2016, is meant to cut greenhouse gas pollution and protect the planet from rising temperatures.

It was intended to reduce the U:S.

emissions from 2005 levels and to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

The U.K., Canada, and other countries signed on to the accord in 2017, but they have not ratified it.

Trump, a Republican, and his allies have said that if the accord is not renewed, it will be “terminated.”

He has vowed to withdraw the U from the agreement if it is not re-negotiated.

During his campaign, Trump criticized the Paris pact for being an “insanely bad deal” for American businesses and American workers.

He has repeatedly called it a “very bad deal.”

Trump said during the news conference that the U has been “very, very good” on the climate and that the Paris Agreement “is an absolute catastrophe for the United States.”