Steatite formation in Wyoming

Wyoming’s oldest known formation, which is more than 500 years old, has been classified as a Type 410, according to a news release from the Wyoming Department of Mineral Resources.

The formation was found by a geologist working on a project to build a hydroelectric power plant near the town of Nodaway in eastern Wyoming, the release said.

The formation, a deep fusibility steatites, is known to have been created when a volcano erupted near the mouth of Lake Mead.

The hydroelectric plant is expected to produce about 500 megawatts of electricity.

The geologist, David W. Schulte, is now working to collect more data to better understand the formation.

He hopes to collect data from the surrounding area and study how the structure changed.

Schulte said he hopes to find out more about the formation in the future, and has plans to dig up the site.

The news release did not indicate if the geologist had found the oldest known steatitic formation in North America.