BHP Billiton’s Piers Point mine is about to be swallowed up by BHP, says BHP boss

The world’s biggest miner is set to buy up to 2,000 acres of land in BHP’s Pierre priX mine in the Pilbara region.

Key points:BHP says it has made significant progress on its Pilbara project in the past 12 monthsThe company says it will have an initial impact of $1.3 billion and a long-term impact of up to $5 billionThe deal will be finalised in the first half of 2019The $3.3-billion Piers Points mine, owned by BHPL and operated by the Australian-owned BHP group, will be acquired by Bhargava Resources in early 2019, it said.

The BHP chief executive, Paul Stephenson, said the Piers points mine, located near Pilbara’s largest city of Pilbara, would provide a “world-class mining operation”.

“Our plan is to develop the mine for the long term and create a global supply of iron ore for the Australian economy,” he said.

“We are investing more than $3 billion in the project to enable us to produce more iron ore and achieve our long-standing goal of generating a $1 billion economic impact.”

The deal is being completed by the end of the year and will be concluded by the first of 2019, Mr Stephenson said.BHP said the Pilbaron project was a “transformational” project for BHP and its shareholders, and it had made significant advancements over the past twelve months.

“This acquisition will deliver an economic impact of over $1bn for the Pilgarion region, and will provide an important contribution to the region’s future development,” the company said.

Mr Stephenson said BHP had signed agreements with the local Indigenous community and Aboriginal communities.

The Pilbara is one of Australia’s poorest and most remote regions, and is home to some of the world’s poorest communities, including the BHP-owned Pilbara Goldfield.

Its mines, known as ‘Pierres’ in English, are owned by the BHPs Pilbara Resource Council and BHP Mining Ltd.

Bhargavava Resources owns a smaller but larger portion of the Pilawarri mines.

The company said it expected the Pilaribies Pilbara mines to generate up to 5 per cent of its annual revenue, with the Pilars’ Piers mines being a “leading export producer”.

“We have been working closely with the Bhattas Pilbara Resources and Bharpans Pilbara Mining communities and have an agreed land-use agreement with the communities, which ensures the Pilarmaries Pilawarris Goldfields will remain a world-class resource for the benefit of the communities for many years to come,” Mr Stephenson added.

“The Pilarids Pilaris Goldfields, the Pilabies Pilarium, and the Pilarrium Goldfields have been proven to produce a range of valuable minerals such as iron ore, cobalt, copper and silver, which are of significant value to the Pilaristas people.”

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