How to get $5,000 in bitcoin for $100 worth of goods in a day

If you can’t wait to buy the latest Tesla Model S, this could be a great opportunity.

Bitcoin-focused website Bitcoin Magazine recently launched a program called “The Bitcoin Card,” which is basically an automated card reader that gives users access to bitcoin.

Bitcoin Card users can earn $5 worth of bitcoin each day by using their card, with the maximum possible earnings being $100.

The card will also give you access to the Bitcoin network, as well as other Bitcoin-related services like Bitpay and Bitstamp.

Users can register for the card by visiting the site’s website, and will receive a QR code and a login to the site.

Once logged in, the user can then purchase bitcoin with a QRcode.

Users can also use the card to purchase items, like a car, furniture, or other goods, via an online store.

This program is limited to just one month, and the first 500 people who sign up will receive their $5 Bitcoin Card in exchange for a $100 credit.

The card also gives them access to a Bitcoin wallet that stores the bitcoin they earn and can be used to purchase goods.

The Bitcoin card program has been running since May, and has already earned over $10,000 worth of Bitcoin.