The next wave of mining is going to be metal from space

The world’s largest and most prolific metals mining operation is set to open up in China next month.

The United States-based metal processing giant known as Xilinx will open a new factory in Qingdao, Guangdong province, which will employ up to 1,000 workers.

The factory will be the world’s second largest in terms of output and employ about 400 people.

It will be based at a facility called Xilix Metal Fabrication in Qingzhou, which has been operating since 1996.

“We have been working with Xilax to open the factory in China and we are happy to finally welcome the world to the Xillex brand,” said Xilux CEO Paul O’Leary.

The facility will be Xilox’s third factory in the country.

Xilx’s first in the UK was in 2008.

The XilX factory will employ more than 1,500 workers.

O’Leary says the facility will produce products such as ceramic tiles, ceramic coatings, ceramic catalysts, ceramic insulation and ceramics, as well as ceramicals for glass and ceramic products.

The US-based company employs about 200 people at its Qingdong factory.

It said it will begin exporting to other countries this year.