Steatite Figure: Steatites are an ancient element in Chinese art

Steatitic figure from the steatitic period, a time in Chinese history, has been found in the northern province of Yunnan.

It is a type of rock that has been known in China for a long time, said researcher Zhiyong Chen.

The discovery comes after the Yunnan Museum of Fine Arts made a rare public display of the Steatrite figure of an animal.

The figure was found in a sandstone area on a rock face in a village near the town of Yinchuan in the Yunxi province.

Chen said the figure is of a stag, an animal that was traditionally killed to appease the gods.

“In Chinese culture, a stag is a god of fertility and good luck, so it is fitting that this stag was found here,” Chen said.

The Steatine figure was part of the collection of an ancient city in Yinchuen that was destroyed by a landslide about 1,000 years ago.

The Yunxi Museum of Art and History made a public display on the discovery, which was part in a conservation project to protect the city.

It was found during an excavation at a site called Juehuan, a river valley that forms part of Yunxi.

The city is famous for its ancient and rich steampunk culture.