NFL owners approve Steatite Spear as NFL Anthem Theme song

NFL owners voted Tuesday to approve a Steatites spear theme song for the anthem of the team the players are on, according to league sources.

The vote was a vote of confidence that the theme song will resonate with fans, according a source.

The theme song would not have a political context, the source said.

The theme song was approved by the owners in the most recent meeting of the owners.

The league has yet to decide whether to include a political message.

The new theme song is being written by a former Eagles and Lions quarterback and will be the first time that a song has been created for an anthem that has been the focal point of an NFL game.

The Eagles’ theme song, “We Shall Overcome,” was created by an Eagles fan who was in attendance for Sunday’s game.

Steatite is a mineral formed from an abundance of rare earth elements.

The element is commonly known as the element of copper.

It is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and is found in nearly all of the Earth�s crust.

The league will have a final vote on the theme next week.